how I feel today….A to Z

Not feeling like writing complex sentence structures today. So, I decided to put down the first word that pops into my head to describe how I feel today about myself. Not gonna be pretty, but cathartic.

A. awkward

B. bored

C. crappy

D. disinterested

E. equilibrium

F. frank

G. guessing

H. hampered

I. ignorant

J. jerk

K. klutz

L. lame

M. moody

N. nervous

O. ornery

P. procrastinate

Q. quixotic

R. randy

S. stuck

T. tired

U. ugly

V. vague

W. weird

X. x-ray(work related)

Y. yikes

Z. zonked

I gotta get through today, hopefully intact.


Better than chocolate


Hah! If only. No, instead I give you the most obnoxious thing on the internet.


my day is shit and it’s only 9:00 a.m.

I need something to melt my cranky mood.

This ought to do it and lose me some followers as well.

Personal Quirks

I was talking with a work mate last week and she was asking me what I thought were some of the things that makes me, in her words, so fucking weird *smirk*
I, of course decided to call them personal quirks, cause it just sounds better in my head.
I am a Leo if you believe or follow astrology and know what that means. A true sun sign. A lot about me pinpoints to all the things they say about the Leo. I’ve always been proud to be a Lion. I sure as hell act like the queen of the jungle sometimes. Funny thing is though, because of neuroses I’ve developed it has affected how I act around others. It is just that, an “act”. I hide the real me and only in one-on-one settings does the real me come out. I tend to be awkward, shy, introverted, quiet, self-contained, and solemn most of the time. Here are some of the things about the REAL me as well.

1. I can sing like a goddamn diva, if I’m alone. Put me in front of others and I sound like that dude from American Idol, William Hung, I do not BANG!
2. I will not under any circumstance eat meat off the bone unless you give me a knife and fork. Watching people eat meat from a bone makes me want to hurl. I have to hide my gag reflex in restaurants or keep my head down and avoid you like the fucking plague. My son eats boneless buffalo wings because of this.
3. I will throw up if presented or shown anything made from wet bread i.e. bread pudding, tres leches cake, sandwich bread that gets wet & soggy (making gagging noises even as I type this)
4. If most anyone tries to hug or touch me without invitation from me will likely get punched. I don’t do touchy feely!
5. Who invented crowds? I’d like to vote they all disappear. Again, the uninvited touching, ugh.
6. I cannot willingly do heights, which I find fucking hilarious because I want to go up into and onto structures that are tall and imposing, especially if there is a chance I can see the outdoors from more than the 2nd floor typically. But I’ve made exceptions on occasion with some disastrous results. Hello Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, you evil bastard. I shall overcome this fear, maybe.
6a. I hate, hate tall bridges.
7. Flying, been there, done that, can’t stand the germs or the claustrophobia.
8. I have trichotillomania or hair pulling disorder. I also cannot stand scabs and have to pick them, blemishes or acne as well. These problems have always plagued me from the time I was a tiny 4 yr old with chicken pox. The scars I have are awful. I work hard to hide this part of myself because of the shame and embarrassment in public I feel.
9. I was born with infant drug withdrawal symptoms but it was not until I was an adult it was diagnosed and I understood where my health issues stem from.
10. I was 24 when I was diagnosed with a odd form of dyslexia called dyscalculia. It makes perfect sense now why I could never learn to understand math or music. Turns out I wasn’t stupid or lazy. I have adult ADD, OCD, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic depression and anxiety issues, IBS, migraines, & have severe issues with drug allergies.
11. I was an alcoholic by age 9 and attended Al-Anon/Alateen meetings but never confessed to drinking. I was there because my parents were alcoholics. I also smoked marijuana that I can remember from age 6 to 18. I’ve relapsed on the alcohol a couple of times, but have developed such a sensitivity to it now, that I haven’t touched a drop in over 5 yrs.
12. I am very rash when it comes to making life altering changes and extremely nit-picky and indecisive about small things.
13. I have zero tolerance for stupidity.
14. I hate spiders but don’t mind snakes.
15. I almost died from eating bananas as a child, turns out I’m deathly allergic.

Wow, I am fucking weird, but hey it’s what makes me who I am. At 43, I’m not gonna be able to change most of it.


Top 15 fav shows I watch


For Wack-a-doodle Wednesday I’ve decided to go for light-hearted fair. I’m not big into a lot of series but here lately I’ve found some things that just really interest me. To say I’m a bit of a geek or nerd is an understatement. But more than anything I love to laugh or learn. So in no particular order of favorites I give you the following list.

Favorite 15 television shows I’m watching:

1. Portlandia – IFC.
Fred Armison & Carrie Brownstein are doing everything right. If they aren’t, they’ll just put a bird on it.
2. Key & Peele – Comedy Central.
If you aren’t watching this than you are missing out on some outrageously funny skit comedy.
3. The Wil Wheaton Project – Syfy.
I love the premise of this show cracking jokes and funning around on Sci-Fi geekyness. Very well done and gets better with each episode.
Here’s hoping it gets picked up for more episodes.
4. Drunk History – Comedy Central.
Seriously love the shit out of this show. There is nothing better than watching actors lip-synching to drunk ramblings about
true historical events in costume. No spoilers here. Must be seen to be understood. I have a 10 yr old boy’s sense of humor.
5.Fargo:The Series – FX.
I loved this first season. I don’t normally do episodic drama television. But Martin Freeman & Billy Bob Thornton just made me
crave every next episode. I like that the characters will change for the next season. Fucking Minnesota has got some bat-shit crime.
6.The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon – NBC.
I know we all have our late night favs. I’m a SNL elitist snob and will watch Jimmy and his infectious child like wonder and awe forever.
7. Brooklyn Nine Nine – FOX.
Andy Samberg, another SNL alum I love. Great writing, so immature and childish, makes me giggle. And who can’t love Andre Braugher
as the gay precinct captain. How he keeps a straight face is beyond me.
8. The Big Bang Theory – CBS.
Been with these guys since the middle of season 1. God I love me some science geeks.
9. Top Gear UK – BBC America.
I’m an Anglophile, petrol-head. I find the British version so unbelievably better than the American version.
10. Comedy Bang Bang – Comedy Central.
Such a weird chat/talk show, some days I have a hard time finding the humor but watch patiently for the gags.
11. Tosh.0 – Comedy Central.
So rude and crude. And makes me laugh till I cry. Bizarre internet videos made even better.
12. Outrageous Acts of Science – Science Channel.
The shitty stunts people will do and post to the internet is ri-donk-ulous
13. Nature’s Weirdest – BBC America.
It’s British and that makes it worth watching, cause in that accent anything can be entertaining.
14. Spoils Of Babylon – IFC.
Toby Maguire & Will Ferrell. It’s just a beyond bad mini-series that mocks mini-series in such a way that you must
wait with bated breath for the next train-wreck chapter to unfold. Season 2 coming soon I hear.
15. Marvel Agents of Shield – ABC.
I’m a dyed in the wool Marvel fan-girl. Agent Coulson(I love you Clark Gregg!) can do no wrong. He will take down Hydra…eventually.

ok, so I think 15 is enough. I’m sure my DVR grunts in pain daily.