Daylight savings time can kiss my ass

November by its very existence is a great month to me. It means no more October. The final kibosh on summer. But thanks to the “W” we got extra daylight savings time at the beginning of November and I really hate it. I for one believe it should be wiped off the books. It’s the absolute fuck you to our sleep patterns. I love driving to work in the dark and come home when it’s light. However, I don’t enjoy the reverse. I feel like I stayed 3 hours late at work when it’s dark thirty by 5 o’clock. I’m ready for bed by 7 when it’s dark early. I fret about what I won’t be able to do for months now that it’s dark so early. Why you ask?

I can’t see for shit at night to drive. It makes me so Damn nervous I can barely function. I literally will put off any and everything to avoid going out after dark. This has only become a real phobia within the last 7 years or so. Actually most of my phobia issues began then too. Hmm, gonna have to investigate that one.

Back to DST, sorry to abbreviate, why can’t we just leave the clocks alone? Who really benefits from this? I need answers and I need to move somewhere other than Phoenix or Indianapolis that don’t adhere to this idiotic law. Anyone care besides me?

Tomorrow is going to suck ass cause I’m going to be tired and under-caffeinated. Grumpy, irritable and just plain mean. I love I can use DST as my excuse instead of the usual one, me just being me.

So to all the asshats in Congress, the Senate and the White House who continue to worry about gun laws and abortion rights, Ebola and ISIS, Please get rid of DST for the entire nation first. Oh yeah , and no more Columbus Day, we ain’t buying that bullshit story either! While I’m at, only Pennsylvania can celebrate Groundhog Day, fer reelz peeps, Phil is an asshole.


Taco Tuesday


Oh how I love to hate thee Taco Tuesday! The wonderful breakfast tacos at half price that I devour as if I’ve never eaten before. Your warm, soft, golden eggs, the potatoes, the cheese and the bacon. I slather you in picante sauce and moan while I inhale your soft flour tortilla goodness. You even come with warm tortilla chips, my true downfall.
I am sick now. Too much Tex-Mex goodness so early in the morning. My stomach protrudes, my taste buds tingle, my temperature has risen.
I only want one more bite. But alas, there is no more to be had. I was glutinous and now I await for the food coma to set in.
Lethargy in my mind, my body…I need a nap.
Perhaps I’ll drink some more coffee to push past this feeling.
Until next Tuesday, when we meet again you gorgeous taco torturer.


Gorgie McGorgerson