Top 15 fav shows I watch


For Wack-a-doodle Wednesday I’ve decided to go for light-hearted fair. I’m not big into a lot of series but here lately I’ve found some things that just really interest me. To say I’m a bit of a geek or nerd is an understatement. But more than anything I love to laugh or learn. So in no particular order of favorites I give you the following list.

Favorite 15 television shows I’m watching:

1. Portlandia – IFC.
Fred Armison & Carrie Brownstein are doing everything right. If they aren’t, they’ll just put a bird on it.
2. Key & Peele – Comedy Central.
If you aren’t watching this than you are missing out on some outrageously funny skit comedy.
3. The Wil Wheaton Project – Syfy.
I love the premise of this show cracking jokes and funning around on Sci-Fi geekyness. Very well done and gets better with each episode.
Here’s hoping it gets picked up for more episodes.
4. Drunk History – Comedy Central.
Seriously love the shit out of this show. There is nothing better than watching actors lip-synching to drunk ramblings about
true historical events in costume. No spoilers here. Must be seen to be understood. I have a 10 yr old boy’s sense of humor.
5.Fargo:The Series – FX.
I loved this first season. I don’t normally do episodic drama television. But Martin Freeman & Billy Bob Thornton just made me
crave every next episode. I like that the characters will change for the next season. Fucking Minnesota has got some bat-shit crime.
6.The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon – NBC.
I know we all have our late night favs. I’m a SNL elitist snob and will watch Jimmy and his infectious child like wonder and awe forever.
7. Brooklyn Nine Nine – FOX.
Andy Samberg, another SNL alum I love. Great writing, so immature and childish, makes me giggle. And who can’t love Andre Braugher
as the gay precinct captain. How he keeps a straight face is beyond me.
8. The Big Bang Theory – CBS.
Been with these guys since the middle of season 1. God I love me some science geeks.
9. Top Gear UK – BBC America.
I’m an Anglophile, petrol-head. I find the British version so unbelievably better than the American version.
10. Comedy Bang Bang – Comedy Central.
Such a weird chat/talk show, some days I have a hard time finding the humor but watch patiently for the gags.
11. Tosh.0 – Comedy Central.
So rude and crude. And makes me laugh till I cry. Bizarre internet videos made even better.
12. Outrageous Acts of Science – Science Channel.
The shitty stunts people will do and post to the internet is ri-donk-ulous
13. Nature’s Weirdest – BBC America.
It’s British and that makes it worth watching, cause in that accent anything can be entertaining.
14. Spoils Of Babylon – IFC.
Toby Maguire & Will Ferrell. It’s just a beyond bad mini-series that mocks mini-series in such a way that you must
wait with bated breath for the next train-wreck chapter to unfold. Season 2 coming soon I hear.
15. Marvel Agents of Shield – ABC.
I’m a dyed in the wool Marvel fan-girl. Agent Coulson(I love you Clark Gregg!) can do no wrong. He will take down Hydra…eventually.

ok, so I think 15 is enough. I’m sure my DVR grunts in pain daily.


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