Birthday present – NSFW

20140926_133957_resizedI had mentioned in a previous post about shopping for sexual toys. I probably didn’t make the best decision and so know that’s it’s arrived a bit of buyer’s remorse has set in. I’m not sure if I’ll be sending it back or not.

It’s always been somewhat of a fantasy to have a big cock to fuck. I’ve had the privilege to get more than just my hands on 2 such phallic wonders. I was not pleased the first time due to the fact he couldn’t keep me wet enough and no lube in the house. His dick had the girth of a coke can. Ā Length was about 4.5 to 5 inches. It’s wasn’t gonna do the job unless he knew how to use it. Until you’ve fully appreciated how big that feels in your body it’s hard to describe that pelvic fullness. Sadly I’m a female that cannot orgasm easily from penetration. I faked my way through an orgasm just to be done. It was a one time deal.

The second big dick was definitely a “wow” experience. A sexy, bald ,tattooed Airman with a big, fat,long cock that could fuck like the energizer bunny. Not only did I cum multiple times, but I initiated him into anal as well. It was like Christmas & the 4th of July celebrations in that bed. If only he wasn’t married and going back to California the next week I would have kept him for a long time in the sex stable.

So….big cocks. It’s my kink. I ordered Adam’s cock from Adam and Eve website. When I took the box out and held the weight in my hands it was a bit overwhelming. It’s been 5 years since anything resembling a dick has been near my person. I took a photo & sent it to my LDL. He was worried I’d wreck my vagina with it, or ruin me for him.

The first thing I did was clean it and see if I could even try the head in my mouth. No go, my TMJ is so bad that I’d need physical therapy to get my jaw to open enough for even the most average of phallus between my teeth.

I digress. My new dildo is BIG. I managed to give it a small workout. Unfortunately I was in the middle of sexting, looking at a little visual stimulation and trying to keep my mind engaged and not lose sight of the end result. I failed miserably at multitasking that day.

I will try again but I’m not sure if it isn’t too big. It came with some interesting little goodies I’m looking forward to trying. I need to expand my horizons, stay positive and get thoroughly fucked, even if it’s only by myself.