Taco Tuesday


Oh how I love to hate thee Taco Tuesday! The wonderful breakfast tacos at half price that I devour as if I’ve never eaten before. Your warm, soft, golden eggs, the potatoes, the cheese and the bacon. I slather you in picante sauce and moan while I inhale your soft flour tortilla goodness. You even come with warm tortilla chips, my true downfall.
I am sick now. Too much Tex-Mex goodness so early in the morning. My stomach protrudes, my taste buds tingle, my temperature has risen.
I only want one more bite. But alas, there is no more to be had. I was glutinous and now I await for the food coma to set in.
Lethargy in my mind, my body…I need a nap.
Perhaps I’ll drink some more coffee to push past this feeling.
Until next Tuesday, when we meet again you gorgeous taco torturer.


Gorgie McGorgerson