When does it get easier?

please everyone take the time to reach out to this man and help give him some words of encouragement. Depression lies and I’d hate to see a child lose a parent. Thanks blogosphere.

A Divorced Dad's Ramblings

I hate my ex……I hate the courts…..I hate the attorneys……I hate the counselors……I hate this time of year anymore it used to be a time of joy, now it’s just pain, never ending pain. Much to the thanks of my divorce. God you can suck it!!!!! Why is the whole system out against fathers? Why? Why? I don’t understand, I am a good father or at least that is what I am told. I feel like a horrible failure. I keep trying to find new reasons not just say “I’m done”. The list is becoming extremely short. This fight has started its third year, I am amazed as I look at photos of my son, I completely break down and cry. I am so tired of this fight. I was told the other day that they thought I had a warriors heart, I’m not sure. I’m not sure I have…

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