Can’t even get the blues

I’ve been in right royal funk all week. Don’t feel like being happy or entertained. All I want is to sleep and then sleep some more.
Eeyore is happier than me right me now. It’s not even depression I’m feeling. It’s something I feel twice a year during the change from winter to spring and summer to fall called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s the shits. My allergies are kicking my ass from here to Pluto and back. I lack the energy to cook, clean, or give a good goddamn about anything.
Not that anyone cares even, they’re all like come on, you don’t need to feel like this.
Well, all I want to say is FUCK YOU ALL. Walk a mile in my shoes today and you’ll understand.
Then you can lecture me on your happy coexistence and hippy-dippy holistic medicine bullshit.
I have way more to say but don’t need to spew forth any more than this bitter diatribe has already vented.


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