where’s the beef?

Just thought I’d share a weird convo I had with a co-worker today.

Me: So Angie is going to Jack in the box, she has bogo coupon for the ultimate cheeseburger. Want her to get you one?

Co-worker: Yeah, that’d be great. Tell her “no meat” though.


Co-worker: I don’t eat meat, but I’ll eat the other stuff. it’s cool

Me: Um, I’m sorry but WTF? seriously, you’d eat just the buns, cheese, and condiments?

Co-worker: Yep, just not the meat. It’s processed.

Me: I’m pretty sure all hamburger meat is “processed”.

Co-worker: Well, whatever, just have her get me the sandwich without meat.

Me: I think we should skip the burger and get Subway then.

Co-worker: Evan better. I want the Italian BMT then.

Me: Wait, that’s all meat.

Co-worker: ……

Me: *smacking forehead*  I’m gonna need a drink for this one


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