I miss my lazy weekend(s)

Every Sunday is lazy in my house. If being a worthless slug on the couch were an olympic event, I’d own the gold medal for life. Of course round here lazy Sunday is usually preceded by Sleeping all Saturday. Yesterday was an exception. I got up waaaay too early @ 7 a.m. and ventured out into the big bad world with my teenager to see not just one but TWO goddamn cinematic marvels with the rest of main stream society. One movie is usually all my psyche can handle. Hell, that shit isn’t even tolerable in my own house in one day. I sat through Lucy with ScarJo, I liked it ,a lot.

Anything Luc Besson does I will watch. I guess for a geek like me, it hits all the right buttons.

So onwards to see GOTG, I’ve seen all the Marvel Studio movies to date. The only disappointment so far was the Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton. I’m so ducking happy Mark Ruffalo has taken over that character.

I’ll say upfront, the soundtrack to GOTG is the shit. I thoroughly enjoyed embarrassing the hell out of my son doing a little happy dance in my seat with each song. It’s my goddamn job as his mother.

The movie was good,and damned if I didn’t cry twice. I loved every freaking minute. Maybe that makes me a sell out in some people’s way of thinking. Fuck off please if you don’t agree.

By the time we made it out of the movies and went to Costco for pizza & cupcakes  my goose was cooked. We made it home in the shit-mobile at 6:45. I was passed out by 8:30 p.m. So not an adventurous bitch anymore.

So, today is Sunday and I napped no less than 3 times since waking @ 6:30 a.m.

I am thinking I need another nap to round out the day.



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